My Life in High School: Regrets I Made in High School




I hated high school. My school high school  has 3 schools on one ground. Most kids had to walk school to school to get to their classes. The school has over 6,000 kids/students.

I tried so hard to fit in and, I tried so hard to be out going but being outgoing is not me. I tried to join clubs but I never stuck to them. I always got bored and quit. The only thing I stuck with was choir. I love to sing. I was in a play called the “Pajama Game” in my senior year. It was great! I met nice people , and had confidence in myself. I loved it but, besides the play and, choir, I never stuck to any clubs.

When I was in high school, I was so shy. Maybe I wasn’t shy, I think I was probably introverted. People thought I was mute. Really, really, mute.  According to a girl I went to high school with, people pitied me. I don’t know why people had pity on me. People always said I look sad. That was probably because I had unresolved issues at home. No one knew the hell that was living  inside my head. If you haven’t been to my blog before, that’s another story.

I also didn’t do too well in school. I was smart but I gave up on school. I put too much pressure on myself and, when I do that I become stressed out and, lazy. I was very stressed out at home and, that affected my school work and, my social life. I felt worthless.

So many other things happened to me like me being bullied but lets save that story for another blog post.

The mistakes I made in high school was

-Not accepting myself in for who I really was.

– Not doing well in my classes and, giving up.

– Quitting clubs and, activities

– Appreciating high school  more

– Not being happy

Please appreciate your high school years. You are only a teenager once and, you only go to high school for 4 years. Don’t waste those years being depressed like I was.  If you are suffering from depression, keep on getting treatment. Make friends do well in school and, be happy. The teenage years don’t have to be that. You choose to be happy. It is possible to be happy, even in high school.



Talk to Someone

I do not like talking to people about my problems and how I’m feeling because I find it embarrassing. I had to learn to talk to my mother about my feelings. In my experience holding things in may not be the best thing to do.If you keep things holding in for so long, you will explode. That’s why people need to talk to someone they trust. The people I have known that don’t talk to anyone about their problem are the ones who get angry easily, and the ones who hurt themselves. You can only hold things in for so long.

The people I know in my life who committed suicide did not talk to anyone about their problems until they had a suicide letter stating their problems, but then it’s too late. These people always had a smile on their face and pretended everything was fine. Then the next thing they took their own life.

That is why when you are depress and something is bothering you talk to someone.   So please if you are having a problem talk to someone you trust. You can also see a therapist. I have been seeing a therapist about two months now and that has helped me a lot. You can also talk to a school counselor.

Remember to talk to someone about your trouble, and it’s okay to cry. You will feel better at the end.

I am also aware that if you talk to a friend or family member about your problems they might judge you or not understand you. I’m going to write a blog about that in the future.

Let your Voice be Heard

The reason I’m writing this blog is because I wanted to make people aware of mental illness and abuse. I wrote this for people won’t have to feel ashamed to say I have a mental illness. I want to help myself and others overcome their trials. I hope this blog will motivate others to tell their stories. I want to give people hope. Especially teens and young adults

I just want to tell other to let your voice be heard. If you see something that needs to be talked about. Write about it or talk about it. I’m sick and tired of people that want us to keep our mouths shut about mental illness, eating disorders, sexuality, sexism, racism,other forms of discrimination, body image, abuse, and violence. People should tell their own stories if they are comfortable with it, and not feel ashamed. People are too scared to talk about these topics.  Tell your story. Let your voice be heard. Don’t let anyone take your voice away. You might help someone by telling your story.

Suicide & How My Brother Saved Me From Drowning

I really like this story. It’s a beautiful story.

Forward Walking

I’m the youngest of six kids. I have two brothers–the oldest is David and the other is Sean.

Sean and I didn’t get along when we were younger.

Don’t get me wrong, it was nothing serious. More of a personality difference. I liked Sci-Fi, he liked sports. I wanted to watch cartoons, he wanted to push me over and watch Rocky. As for sentimentality, Sean’s got a big heart but pretends to be a bit rough around the edges—like a Teddy bear dipped in cement.

One day when I was six, Sean completely reversed his role of a “big bully” brother by doing something that I’ve never forgotten—he saved my life. I was playing with some water toys at a pool, and went too far into the deep end. Not knowing how to swim, I panicked and started to splash around, crying out for help. I went under the water…

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