Body Shaming: Dieting and Weight

Since the Abercrombie and Fitch controversy, I have been thinking a lot about body shaming. Living here in the U.S.A we are a weight obsess society, and we are also have a lot of junk food here. We eat out a lot and, we diet a lot. It is ridiculous. We have all these weight loss shows and, weight loss products. We also have all this food. Because of this people are becoming obese and, have eating disorders. What is up with the contradiction?

On television, magazines and, movies  are making us feel bad about our bodies. They want us to be thinner. Sometimes they pressure us to be thin even when we are already thin. They have cereal like “Cheerios” taking advantage of the fact that people are insecure about their weight and, taking advantage of the “obesity epidemic”. Weight loss pills are also taking advantage of it.The T.V. shows like “The Biggest Loser” is fake. No one workout 5 hours a day, and loses weight that fast. I know most of the people are morbidly obese but they lose weight faster than an everyday person who is morbidly obese. I know people watch the show for motivation but that show makes me sick to my stomach. It doesn’t motivate me at all. Does it even go to the root of the problem of why they eat a lot of fast food in the first place.

People are also calling people who are too thin anorexic. Anorexia is not a joke and, you shouldn’t be calling anyone that. Some people are naturally skinny. Some people are naturally heavy. I didn’t say naturally fat, but I did  say naturally heavy or curvy. There is a difference. Some people have a low metabolism, and some people have  a high metabolism.

You shouldn’t even make fun of people if they are fat. You don’t know why they are fat. It could be because, of medication, thyroid disease, or they probably depress so they eat a lot.

Fad diet are also a bad idea. Going on fad diets are unhealthy, and you can’t diet for the rest of your life. If you want to change your eating habits, change your lifestyle.

Eat a balance diet, and lay off the sweets. Exercise if you want to lose weight. Actually I hate the term losing weight, so I’m going to change it to getting healthier. Ditch the scale and, just eat healthy and, exercise. Food addicts and people with eating disorder probably need more help like therapy, and/or treatment. You shouldn’t focus on weight because it will just run you crazy. You will go insane.

The most successful weight loss stories are the ones where the people focus more on health than weight. Their motivation is they want to be healthy for their kids. They want to be there to see them graduate, get married, and have children of their own. They also lose weight because they don’t want a disease that is caused by obesity. They also want to see the world or run faster or be stronger. Yes they want to lose weight, but that is not their only goal. Their goal is to be healthier. Let me get real. I am not talking about people who want to lose 20 pounds because they are only 20 pounds overweight. I’m talking about people who are 50 pounds overweight and over that lost weight successfully. Some personal trainer from TV said when you exercise and eat healthier, you might not see it on the outside right away but, the insides are already changing.

If you only want to lose 20 pounds to fit into a dress for any special occasions. I’ll give you some advice. My advice is buy another freaking dress that fits. If you want to lose 20 pounds the healthy way because you are worried about your health, and scared that you will end up gaining more. Have a healthier and, more balance diet.

I am overweight and I lost 30 pounds, and have 30 more to go. I’m not counting I probably lost more. My freshman year in high school I starved myself for a month and lost 20 pounds in that month. I only ate one meal a day. That wasn’t really healthy obviously. When I was in high school, I took laxatives to lose weight. It felt horrible. I tried to lose weight for boys can like me. I wanted to lose weight to be beautiful. Then I gained back 30 pounds. Today, I lost 30 pounds. The last time I weighed myself and it said I lost 30 pounds. Let me tell you I have haters before I lost 30 pounds and, haters after. Now some people are saying I’m getting to skinny. I’m like please! I am eating healthier, and exercising. My body is just responding to it. My weight was 200 pounds and, now I’m 170 so nothing is wrong with me losing more weight. I know I have a bigger muscle mass or whatever but I want look sick if I lose 30 more pounds. Haters will never go away. That’s why you have to do the things that you want to do as long as you are not hurting yourself and nobody else.

Even if you are overweight that doesn’t mean you can’t love yourself. No one is meant to look like the models in the magazines. Look like yourself, and love yourself. Focus on your overall health instead of weight.

Peace and Love



Learning to Love Your Body

A lot of people hate their bodies. People always following fad diets and having cosmetic surgery. Personally I use to hate my body but now I am learning to accept it. If we learn to love our bodies, I think we would take better care of our bodies. We want to exercise more and eat healthy for energy. Women always compare themselves to others, and look in magazines. The women in the magazines are not even real. They are photo shopped pictures. When I was 14 I starved myself for 3 weeks. I was miserable. I was hungry all the time, and very sad. Instead of focusing on weight, we should focus on health and how we feel. We need to learn to love ourselves and our bodies. Love is when you are willing to take care of something or someone, protect something or someone, and support something or someone.  You also think the person you love is beautiful so once you learn to love yourself. You would see yourself as beautiful.

Here what I want you to do, go to this website.

This is a great website that give you information on media literacy, and ideas to ignore media message no the websites. it also show you ideas to redefine your beauty.