My idea to get rid of racism How I feel about it

We live in a world full of turmoil and, full of hate. We don’t know which way this world is going. People say that this is a sign that we are going through darker times. This is the last days but I never understood that. Has it always been the last days. Were there always wars, were there always slavery, were there always injustices. Through out history there has always been a group that was persecuted because of their race, because of their religion, there class, and there ethnicity. This is still going on now. A certain group is being persecuted. Low-income blacks are getting persecuted in the streets. Why? It could be because the broke laws but they do receive harsher punishment than there white peers. How can we get rid of racism in our hearts?

Some people say we should be color blind. We shouldn’t be colorblind being colorblind will stop you from seeing your peers that are another color than you treated differently. Speak up when you see your friend who is another race treated differently. But what you can do for yourself, for you can fight your own prejudices is not caring if the person sitting next to you is white or black. Get to know them for them. Don’t make assumptions about them.

Is that easier said than done? If you have been racist for your whole life it is easier said than done. But for me and, the way I was raised to just see people as people and, judge their character and, not what they look like. It’s easier for me to not be prejudice. Unfortunately though it makes me sad that people are still racist and, will not accept others for the color of their skin.

In a perfect world we would acknowledge that we are all different. We accept and, appreciate those differences. But we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in a stubborn world where people can’t see other people as people.

This is a sad time. We have always been in sad and, scary times. We are just realizing that now.


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