Acceptance: My Problem with Religion is….



People belong in different kinds of religion like Christianity, Latter Day Saint (Mormon), Islam, Jehovah Witness, Catholics etc. Some people choose not to go into a religion at all. When I was in middle school, my school was made up with all of these religions. I was a “We Are the World” kind of person. I thought it was nice that an atheist can be friends with a Christian but as we got older they will realize their beliefs will contradict each other and, they are going to become offended by what their friend believe in. Why do people get so offended by other peoples religion?

I heard on the news a few years ago, that people were angry that they had a nativity on public property. Atheist had a sign hung up saying “This is Winter Solitice…” I would understand why a person that don’t celebrate Christmas would be offended but I’m pretty sure a couple of Atheist in that group celebrated Christmas.

The first year Barack Obama was running for president. Goodness grief people. People were going ballistic about Barack Obama because of his name, his race, his age etc. One thing was his religion. President Obama swore up and, down that he was a Christian. The thing is though a lot of people swore up and, down he was a Muslim. I would never understand peoples hate towards Muslims. Yes we had a terrorist attack in the name of “Allah” I think but that is the problem, people use religion to do horrible things. If you have anything bad to say about Muslims. you are being horrible and, you look like an idiot. So please. Stop it!!! Accept and, respect them.

Then Mitt Romney ran for office. Mitt Romney is a Mormon. While there were some people who did not care that he was a Mormon, others heads were about to explode. They didn’t see Mitt Romney as a person, who was running for president. They saw his as the Mormon who was running for president. While the Mormon have a controversial past that make people say “What on Earth?” and, a past that offends people. (I’m going to say something really controversial here so beware.) The past is the past. Get over it!!! If you are not a Mormon, why does that concern you? Were you afraid if Mitt Romney ran for president, he would force everyone to be Mormon?My goodness people. Why did you have to bring his religion up every single time you talked about him for. I’m not saying Romney was ashamed about being Mormon. He was not! But come on.

Now lets talk about the people who choose not to be in a religion or to change religions. Well there are some people I have seen disown their family members because they choose another way of living. Some family members are concerned about their families eternal salvation. They are afraid that they are going to hell. They are afraid that the person they love is being brainwashed or corrupted by the devil. Have you ever thought that the family members you love dearly are not being brainwashed but it is something that they believe in? Have you ever thought that they are not being corrupted by the devil but just losing their faith? Unless they were actually joining a real cult (not the word people throw around to criticize a religion they despise.) But a real drink the kool aid and die type of cult, you have nothing to worry about. If they loved you before, they will love you after they join or leave that religion.

My problem with religion is not religion itself. It’s how people make a big deal about other peoples religion. It’s how people get offended by religion. It’s how people get so worked up over religion. You argue so much about religion peoples get there feelings hurt and seem like they are getting attacked, Criticizing a religion you know nothing about. People are saying that certain person is a bad person because they belong to a certain religious group or don’t belong any religion. It’s people who make religion look bad not the actual religious group. Blaming our worlds problem on religion, is like blaming guns because someone got shot instead of the shooter.

 This Christmas (if you are an atheist who celebrate Christmas) instead on being offended when you see a nativity set on public property. Why not think of it as a symbol of Christmas, an idea, or art. I don’t see people getting so worked up about having Santa Clause every where. That is what tells me that religion is such a touchy subject. People don’t protest because of Santa but show a picture of baby Jesus Christ. You will be on the 5:00 news.

Agree to disagree with me, if you want.

What do you think?

Why do we get so offended and, touchy about religion?


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