We Can’t Let Words Get to Us

There was this controversy that has been going around with that man from Duck Dynasty. He said something that was controversial about gays and lesbians. I think his name is Paul Robertson. He was suspended by A&E because of these comments.

I am going to play the Devils advocate here and agree with most of the conservative even though I don’t consider myself one and, that would be that I don’t think he should have been suspended. Now I don’t watch Duck Dynasty but I have heard of the show. He was asked in an interview by GQ about how he felt about homosexual. Which technically set him up. If the people in GQ was really offended by him the interviewer would have not printed that question and, his answer in the magazine. People need to understand that not everyone is going to agree with your lifestyle. We can’t do anything about what people say. You can choose not to have anything to do with them.

This story id getting a media storm. The media love stories like this. I don’t know if what he said is hate speech or should be considered hate speech. All I know is I heard worse thing that are  said about gay and lesbians on television than what this man said.


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