Forgiveness, closure and, moving on with my life

I am 20 years old and, I have resentment towards my father. My dad use to be a great dad and, husband. He use to give my mother roses for surprise. He use to carry  me on top of his shoulders. The problem is he had a dark side. He hurt me, and now I have an hole in my heart that I need to fix. He betrayed my trust. I use to be scared of him. I developed PTSD because of the experience I had with my father. That happened almost 10 years ago and, I am still not over it.

Years of therapy and, years to come to help me get over it. It is going to be hard for me to forgive my father. To get over what happened to my mother and, I. My father was the first man to break my heart. I will never understand why he did that. He wrote me a letter, and send me a facebook message but he never really apologized. He was always really manipulative. Because of the issues I had with my father I think it effected my relationships. I still love him and wish him the best but I don’t know how I will get over it.I guess I have to take one step at a time.


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