Be a Parent Dammit

Ok I am usually a really nice person. I am usually sugar coat things, but no one else like ti sugar coat things and others thing. One thing that bothers me is that parents do mot know how to be parents anymore.

In the link above a woman wrote a blog. Just read the blog.

While I kind of agree because I am concerned about the health welfare of the child. That’s what teenagers are children. I still think that the doctors should notify the parents. It also got me thinking, what kind of parent doesn’t know that your child is having sex or have an STD? Why can’t parent know what their child is up too? Are the children too scared to tell the parent? Are the children too fast for their own good?

Why can’t people have discipline in their own home? What is going on? Why don’t parent talk to their children. Why don’t teens talk to their parents?

Something is wrong here. Children don’t have respect for their parents anymore. Sometimes I do think some children should be whipped but you can’t even do that anymore without calling it child abuse.Parents need to be clear with their kids about the rules.

Do parents have rules anymore.? There is this video of a man whooping his daughters because they were twerking on camera. If you don’t know what twerking is, look it up on youtube. .That also got me thinking. How in the word do these young girls no what twerking is? Do these parent monitor what their children watch? Do they know what music their children are listening to? Do they have television blocks? I know the girl probably learned what twerking was from friends and, other kids at school? Do you know where your kids are? Do you have a curfew for you kids? Are you your kids parent or are you their friend?

Be your child parent, not their friend. Parenthood and friendship are two different relationships. At the same time the child shouldn’t fear the parent, but respect the parent. I guess the child can fear the parent enough to respect them but, don’t make them think you are the boogie man. Well keep on loving you children. Nothing is wrong with discipline.

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Peace and Love




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