Some People are Just Quiet

This girl brought to my attention that people pity me in high school. What brought this on was that I had an opinion on Romeo and Juliet, and said my statuses baffles her because people felt sorry for me, and I was dependent on others. They thought I wasn’t fluent because……I don’t know why. I have a problem with this. If people thought I wasn’t fluent because I never talked. At least never talked to them. They just made a fool out of themselves or made a fool out of me. Actually I think they are the fools because they made that assumption. I understand that I didn’t raise my hands in class as often as I should, and it was hard for me to make friends because I have trust issues but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t fluent.

Lets clear some things up on why I was so quiet:

1. When I first meet someone I guess you can say I’m shy, and I’m not as outgoing as others but as I get to know you I start bursting out of my shell.

2. Just because a person doesn’t smile all of the time, it doesn’t mean their sad. When I’m sad I cry.

3. When a person is soft-spoken, it just means their soft-spoken

4. To be honest I couldn’t relate to most of the kids in high school. The only thing they talked about was boys/girls, sex and gossip. I was too embarrass to talk about boys. Why would I talk about sex? I do not like to gossip because I don’t care what is going on in someones life but my own.

5. Some people who are have been friends for a long time, like to play what I like to call it the “Do you remember” game.

“Do you remember when David fell off the tree he climb?”
“Do you remember when Sandra at the glue?”

Nothing is wrong with going down memory lane with your friends but when there is a new member to your group, it can get kind of awkward. If you want to tell you new friends stories about what happened to you in the past, actually tell them the story. Don’t ignore the new, and make it seem like they are not there, or worse. The worse is to make it seem like everyone in that group know what you are talking about.

6. I express myself more when I write. The reason why it seems that I’m more opinionated when I write is because I could get my thoughts together down on a piece of paper or on a facebook status.

7. One last thing, I felt that people ignored me in high school. I thought people would judge me if I said something but apparently people already were.

I know I probably should have put more effort for people to get to know me, but they acted like they didn’t get to me. I only had ten real conversations with students through my high school career 6 out of the ten were teenagers from my church, so they knew the real me a little bit. I thought kids at high school hated me, but they actually felt sorry for me. Really?

Yes there were things going on in my family that probably made me quiet, but a lot of people are quiet. I shouldn’t even have to explain myself on why I am so quiet.

Some people are quiet.
Some people are shy.
Some people are introverted.

Some people are soft-spoken.

Nothing is wrong with them.

Don’t speak for them, think they are stupid, make fun of them, or feel sorry for them. Introduce yourself then get to know them, and you may find out that quiet person may be the most outgoing person you ever met. Maybe they are not outgoing but that is just them.


One thought on “Some People are Just Quiet

  1. I was that way in high school too. One classmate was surprised when I told him I once watched that Hulk Hogan show. It’s like, “Christ, just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean I’m not up to date on mainstream media.” I just couldn’t relate to most of them. At all. I express myself better in writing. I still do, even in college. But people in college don’t assume what people in high school did. I suppose maturity matters.

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