Don’t Tell a Person How They Should Feel

Some people, try to tell others how to feel. You are foolish for feeling that way they say. They say you should be happy or you should be sad about some situation. The thing is you shouldn’t tell a person how they feel. It will only make a person more upset. Let me tell you a story.

A teenage girl fell in love with this boy. Head over heels. They thought they love each other very much. Adults say you’re not in love, you don’t like him. It’s just puppy love. Even though what the adults say may be true it is still  calling the girls feelings stupid. No feelings are stupid, and I hate when adults say that to teenagers. The girl and her boyfriend breaks-up, and she thinks it’s the end of the world. The parents say that it wasn’t going to last anyway.Don’t be sad. Well that makes things worse.

You can’t tell a person how they should feel. How can you disregard their feelings just because you don’t understand why they feel this way. Just listen to them. If you give advice when they just want someone to talk to, they will probably not want to talk about their problems to you again. Like I said in my other post “Talk to Someone”, it is important to talk to someone. Talking is crucial and, if you say they shouldn’t be feeling this way and, judging someone will not make them feel comfortable talking to you again.

Listen to their problems, comfort them, don’t criticize their feelings, and don’t judge. Don’t give advice unless they ask for it. If you really did break-up with your bf or gf cry it out if you feel like it.

Peace and Love



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