Learning to Love Your Body

A lot of people hate their bodies. People always following fad diets and having cosmetic surgery. Personally I use to hate my body but now I am learning to accept it. If we learn to love our bodies, I think we would take better care of our bodies. We want to exercise more and eat healthy for energy. Women always compare themselves to others, and look in magazines. The women in the magazines are not even real. They are photo shopped pictures. When I was 14 I starved myself for 3 weeks. I was miserable. I was hungry all the time, and very sad. Instead of focusing on weight, we should focus on health and how we feel. We need to learn to love ourselves and our bodies. Love is when you are willing to take care of something or someone, protect something or someone, and support something or someone.  You also think the person you love is beautiful so once you learn to love yourself. You would see yourself as beautiful.

Here what I want you to do, go to this website.


This is a great website that give you information on media literacy, and ideas to ignore media message no the websites. it also show you ideas to redefine your beauty.


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