2nd Debate and Supporters

I am watching the debate right now. Seems like they both tell you what they want to hear. Romney and Obama are probably  nice men. If they weren’t running for president and just people that live in your neighborhood, they woud be good neighbors or friends regardless of their political afflitiation. You might disagree with them but you might disagree with some of the friends you have.

That’s not the point. The number one thing I have a problem with is the voters and the citizens. Especially Obama supporter. I don’t have nothing against Obama personally and I am not saying all of his supporters are like this. (I’m going to talk about the Romney supporters later.) Some Barack Obama supporters treat the man like he’s Jesus Christ. For example, there was this television special on BET. I didn’t see it but I saw a preview. I guess it is a good way to motivate and get some young black people to vote which  I am okay with that. We need to get young people to vote period but this was targeted to young black americans. You would not believe what the special was called. It was called “Second Coming?”. The only thing I agree with this title on is the question mark.  What? Why would you name the news special “Second Coming”. They are talking about Obama. BET is like  MSNBC. They are trying to support Barack Obama and I find it innappropriate that a station only supports one canidate. I guess you can call what they did there was freedom of speech but I call it telling people who they want to vote for which I find very innapropriate. Especially on a station that shows television shows and music videos all the time, and has nothing to do with politics. They are not even showing the people who are going to vote for Romney. It seems by the preview. Like I said I haven’t seen the special yet or ever, but if I do I’ll write an review on it.

The name calling has to stop. Romney supportes and Obama supporters are all guilty of this.  Talking about this in another blog.

Supporters see no fault in the canidate they are supporting and see lots of faults in the other. Trust me, there is fault in both canidates. I believe when a canidate does something wrong, regardless of if you love him or not we should  hold him accountable. Don’t ignore his mistakes. I’m not going to get into the mistakes Obama has made. Or the mistakes Bush has made, that supportes of Bush try to make excuses for. If Romney wins he is going to make mistakes too. Presidents are human and they are going to make mistakes and you can’t ignore the facts.

Stop whining about Romneys religion and what the religion has done in the past. We have to focus on what’s going to happen in the future.

People keep on bringing up what Romney did when he was in school and the church Obama went to a long time ago. Romney bullied a kid in school. I don’t condone bullying but he was a kid. Usually you are a different person from when you are 50 years ago. And Obama going to a church. No comment. I can’t believe we’re bringing their personal lives and what they did in the past into this.

I personally like Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. I know it’s weird to like both of the canidates but I do. I know I can’t vote for both of them but they did nothing that made me dislike them. I disagree with both of them on some issues and I agree with both of them on some issues. I just wrote this blog to tell people how it is ridiculous to treat a man like he’s your savior when he’s not. You have to save yourself. A president leads and we have to help him. Like I said I like both of them.







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